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Product Product Description Unit Price Qty Sub total
No 1 Glassine Satchel Bags Height 195mm x Width 95mm x Gusset 45mm (Pack of 500) $16.65
No 2 Glassine Satchel Bags Height 243mm x Width 115 mm x Gusset 51mm (Pack of 500) $20.65
White Grease Proof Lined Bags No 75 - Height 200mm x Width 180mm (Pack of 500) $39.65
Greaseproof Lined Bags No 25 Height 190mm x Width 140mm (Pack of 500) $32.65
Greaseproof Lined No 1 Extra Long White Paper Bags Height 310mm x Width 200mm(Pack of 250) $34.65